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Here is a list of the Primary services that we provide. We strive to improve the current services, and provide more customizable options as per customer requests.

 No two Properties are ever the same, and no two Inspections are exactly the same.

Residential Inspections

a thorough non-invasive inspection for recommendations and to Detect Defects in the following systems: Lot and Retaining Walls, Exterior, Roof, Interior, Electrical, Plumbing, Foundation, Structure, and other Ancillary Inspections. 

Commercial Inspections

a thorough inspection into the field of Public Safety, Code Compliance & regulations, Disability Accessibility, Fire Safety, Exterior, Interior, Ventilation, Optimal Spacing, Electrical, Plumbing, Foundation, Structural and other Ancillary Inspections.

Annual Maintenance Inspections

Thorough Inspection of systems and components in and around the property that is prone to wear and tear and that are exposed to UV and other elements. This is an inspection of preventative maintenance and to enable our client to spend money in the best way and prevent unknown costly expenses and property damage.

Pre & Post Rental Inspections

Pre & Post Rental Inspections: well documented Property Condition report for the Pre-Rental agreement process. A secondary inspection to compare the Property condition for the Post-Rental agreement. Wear & tear, Maintenance and Improvements will be dealt with in these reports.

Snag Listiing

Snag Listing: This is a type of inspection preformed on a new development or improvement usually done before the final invoice is paid to the contractor to insure that it meets the minimums reequipments set as per SANS and other safety standards.

Other Inspections

Other Inspections: These are add-on services to be selected by the customer as not all these inspections are applicable or necessary such as, Pool, Electronic Magnetic Field (EMF), Thermal imaging and other relevant Inspections.